Washington Wizards: 3 things Russell Westbrook adds to the Wizards

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What Russell Westbrook adds to the Wizards: Constant energy and effort

You’ll never have to worry about Russell Westbrook playing hard. Most nights, teams are just hoping they can contain his relentless, downhill attack. They know they can’t fully stop it. He’s a blur in transition but can easily beat you off the dribble in a half-court set, as well. John Wall was fast and still is after seeing his first few preseason games with the Houston Rockets. But Westbrook’s explosiveness is (still) on another level!

Constant, non-stop energy is what Russell Westbrook brings to the Washington Wizards above all else. Offensively, he can get to the rim at will and finish through contact. Standing at 6’3″ and weighing 200 pounds, Westbrook is built to last and can withstand the long, brutal NBA season. His motor runs non-stop and he’ll keep coming no matter how many times he’s knocked down. Westbrook’s intensity cannot be replicated.

It didn’t take long for his Wizards teammates to notice, either. From the very first practice, his spirit and approach seemed to be infectious amongst the group. Players talked about Westbrook’s impact at practice, and we saw it on the court in the team’s final preseason win. The pace and intensity were both noticeably higher with Westbrook finally on the floor.

Westbrook only knows how to play one way: hard. The passion he brings to the game will trickle down to his teammates. The Wizards must continue to feed off his energy night in and night out.