Washington Wizards: It’s time to fire Scott Brooks

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Washington Wizards need a new head coach, and they need one now.

Fire Scott Brooks. Now in his fifth season as head coach of the Washington Wizards, it is apparent that Brooks is not the right fit.

With the Washington Wizards’ 3-11 start, it is a decision team management has to make right now. No more time can pass.

The Washington Wizards must move on from Scott Brooks.

Scott Brooks is just flat out a terrible coach. While the Wizards are having tremendous success offensively and currently rank fourth in points per game (115.7), the offense is often predictable and uninspired. It’s basically ‘give the ball to Beal and get out of the way,’ which has helped Beal become the NBA’s leading scorer, but it hasn’t helped the Wizards win.

Defensively, the Wizards rank LAST in the NBA in opponent points per game (120.4) and are allowing opponents to shoot 48.6 percent from the field.

The defensive struggles are on Brooks. Defense is all about motivation, and a coach is supposed to be the No. 1 motivator for a team. Under Brooks, the Wizards seem to give minimal effort on the defensive end and often look lost. Brooks has not appeared to do anything to change the effort level or the strategy on defense.

Then there is Brooks’ rotation. He does not seem to have a set rotation, especially at the small forward position. In one game, a player may not leave the bench. The next, he could start or play starter-level minutes. It’s anybody’s guess with Brooks running things.

Isaac Bonga is a prime example of this. Bonga went from starting at the beginning of the season to not even appearing in games by early January. Now, he’s back in the starting lineup. Before rookie Deni Avdija started to miss time due to the NBA’s health and safety protocols, he regularly started games only to vanish late in the fourth quarter. This kind of lineup disruption hurts team chemistry and shows that Brooks does not have much of a plan. He is just throwing lineups out there and hoping one sticks.

And then there’s Bradley Beal. The Wizards are running out of time to prove to Beal that they can create a winner in Washington. They currently sit at the bottom of the standings, and they cannot just wait around and hope things change.

After scoring 47 points in the team’s 124-106 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, Beal was justifiably frustrated. The Wizards have now lost all three games this season in which Beal scored at least 40 points. Dating back to last season, they’ve lost Beal’s last ten 40-point games. If he keeps playing his heart out and the Wizards keep losing, there is no way he does not demand a trade. I’m surprised he has not already tried to jump ship. His wife, Kamiah Adams-Beal, seems ready to get out of D.C.

Scott Brooks needs to be removed from his position as head coach of the Washington Wizards. His years of success in Oklahoma City are long gone, and he’s been one of the few constants throughout multiple losing seasons in D.C. This Wizards’ team is far too talented to be 3-11. Hopefully, the organization makes the right move before it is too late.