Washington Wizards: 5 teams that could convince the Wizards to trade Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Washington Wizards. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Washington Wizards may not want to trade Bradley Beal. But sometimes, an offer is just too good to refuse.

The Washington Wizards have stayed strong amidst the Bradley Beal rumors. There’s been no more telling quote from the Wizards organization than the one Scott Brooks gave regarding Beal’s status.

While recent memory is full of superstars mucking things up on underachieving organizations — from Jimmy Butler in Minnesota to Anthony Davis in New Orleans to James Harden in Houston — Bradley Beal has been a class act. He’s never gone on record as anything more than frustrated, he downplays the nightly memes, and he remains consistent in his loyalty to the Wizards.

While the organization seems to be doing everything wrong, Beal stays by their side and does everything right. While Beal has ascended from complimentary sharpshooter to the league’s leading scorer, the Wizards have plummeted from playoff locks to cellar dwellers in the standings.

Like it or not, moving on from Bradley Beal may be the Wizards’ only option. They’re staring at another losing season and won’t have much leverage to improve the roster this offseason. Everybody wants Beal, but with the Wizards staying stingy, there are only a few teams with enough assets to woo a reluctant front office.

Here are the five teams that could change the  Washington Wizards’ minds on trading Bradley Beal.