Washington Wizards: 4 trade deadline wishlist targets

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The Washington Wizards seem to be playing it safe at the deadline. Here’s to wishing they wouldn’t…

The Washington Wizards have the assets that could shake up the NBA at the trade deadline if they chose to make a big move. But they probably won’t, as all signs point towards the Wizards being relatively quiet at the deadline.

If the Wizards were to give the slightest inclination that Bradley Beal is available, teams would drop everything and get in touch with Tommy Shepherd. But Beal is off-limits. As are Rui Hachimura and Deni Avdija. And with the depth in the upcoming 2021 NBA Draft, the Wizards would be fools to trade away their 2021 first-round pick, which projects to be a pretty good one at this point, unless they are sure that they’re getting a game-changer in return.

Draft picks, and the hope of finding the next perennial All-Star are fun. But getting a known commodity is more reliable, and sometimes, just a better fit. I’d be shocked if the Wizards made any aggressive moves at the deadline because they a) don’t seem to want to and b) don’t have the assets to do so. It’s a bit of a chicken and the egg situation. Are they uninterested because they can’t get in the market for anyone good or vice versa?

Either way, the Wizards won’t make this an exciting deadline for us, but we can still dream. And dream I have. In a perfect world, the Wizards would find a way to get the following guys to D.C.

Here’s a short trade deadline wishlist for the Washington Wizards made up of players rumored (in some way or another) to be involved in trade talks.

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