Washington Wizards: The top 5 Wizards Top Shot moments

Washington Wizards Davis Bertans. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Washington Wizards Davis Bertans. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /
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The Washington Wizards received some love from the NBA Top Shot community last month, with Russell Westbrook being the first Wizards player gifted as a challenge reward for completing a collection event challenge.

The Top Shot community is spreading the love, finding cool moments from different teams around the league to list as challenge rewards while also minting new moments for players to collect in pack drops and in the marketplace.

For Wizards collectors invested in Top Shot or those looking to start their collection, I have compiled five of what I believe are the coolest moments on the marketplace based solely on the highlight clip.

Relive some of the most exciting Washington Wizards moments of the past two years with a countdown of the Wizards’ best Top Shot moments.

Although I would love to own all of these moments, I, unfortunately, do not and am not suggesting you buy these moments. Top Shot has been quite enjoyable for me, and I’m just here to share my experience with this NBA NFT phenomenon. So here we go…

Washington Wizards Top Shot Moment #5

5. Robin Lopez’s off-balance hook grenade

Lethal. That’s the perfect word used to describe Robin Lopez’s hook shots. With his shooting percentage hovering around 65 percent this season, Lopez has upped his career mark to nearly 54 percent behind the power of that hook shot.

In this play, Lopez barely had his balance but is still able to hook the ball into the net while nearly losing his footing and flirting with a traveling violation. And also nearly falling out of bounds. Lopez is a soldier on the court, nuking his opponents with his hook grenades, and I’m here for it.