Washington Wizards: It doesn’t sound like Scott Brooks is going anywhere

Washington Wizards Scott Brooks Bradley Beal. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Washington Wizards Scott Brooks Bradley Beal. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

More than a few Washington Wizards fans hoped there would be big news shortly after the season officially came to an end. Well, after losing game five of their first-round playoff series vs. the Philadelphia 76ers, the season is over. However, there’s been no news regarding the head coaching position.

Technically speaking, the Wizards don’t have a head coach for next season right now. Scott Brooks just finished the fifth season of his five-year contract, and the Wizards have not said whether or not Brooks will be back next season. If you want Brooks gone, no news feels like bad news. Especially considering what the Wizards players and front office are saying about Brooks, even if they aren’t commenting on his future.

After the game five loss, Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook had high praise for their head coach.

None of this is shocking. Beal has had a good relationship with Brooks throughout his time in Washington, and Westbrook has spoken highly about Brooks since back in their Oklahoma City Thunder days. Westbrook and Beal may not have the final say in who coaches this team, but having the approval of the two stars has to go a long way.

Like it or not, Scott Brooks might be sticking around as the head coach of the Washington Wizards.

And the two stars haven’t been the only ones propping up Brooks since the season ended. At an end-of-season press conference, general manager Tommy Sheppard made it clear that he approved of the job Brooks did this season…

Officially, the Wizards have made it clear that they won’t be making a decision on Brooks’ future right now. And ultimately, that decision is up to Ted Leonsis and not the men that have been singing Brooks’ praises since the season ended.

After five seasons, it’s unclear what more the Wizards would need to see or hear before making this decision unless it hinges on exit interviews…or money. What we’ve seen on the court doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in a Brooks-led future. But the quotes don’t exactly inspire confidence in the reality of a Brooks-less future. After all, Brooks was with Sheppard during the postseason presser. Why bring Brooks out there to reflect on the season and look towards the future if Brooks is not going to be a part of that future?

Brooks hasn’t been terrible in Washington. Compared to the eight other coaches that the Wizards have had since 2000, Brooks has the second-best winning percentage. In addition, the Wizards made the playoffs in three of his five seasons as head coach. During the two seasons in which they missed the playoffs, the Wizards were without John Wall due to injury. So Brooks has consistently satisfied the franchise goal of ‘make the playoffs.’ But that’s not the goal any longer. The Wizards expect more, and they may need a new head coach to help get them there.

Brooks’ performance in the game five loss to Philadelphia should have sealed his fate. But we’ll have to wait to see what the Wizards decide to do. For what it’s worth, Scott Brooks hopes he hasn’t coached his last game in Washington.

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