Q and A with Antonio Newman of Wizards District Gaming

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 04: A general view of the NBA 2K League Draft at Madison Square Garden on April 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 04: A general view of the NBA 2K League Draft at Madison Square Garden on April 4, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /
  1. Can you introduce us to who you are and your role with Wizards DG. 

"Antonio: My name is Antonio Newman aka Newdini. For the last 2 seasons, I have played power forward and sort of a vet role since I have been in the league, going into my 5th season."

       2. What made you get into e sports.

"Antonio: What made me get into Esports was just the love I have for gaming. I have been gaming since I was a kid. My first ever console was a Sega Genesis. Ever since that day I just became hooked on the idea of video games, so when the 2KLeague was announced I knew I had to go for it since I felt like I was one of the best 2K players in the world."

        3. How much fun was it to bring a championship home to DC for Wizards DG.

"Antonio: It was amazing to bring not 1 but 2 championships back to D.C. and the amazing fans of Washington D.C. we came in on day 1 wanting to win a championship. Who knew we would be the first team to go back to back."

4. what has been your biggest challenge so far.

"Antonio: The biggest challenge so far has honestly been the mentality part of the League. Keeping a strong positive mindset because being away from your loved ones for so long can be hard, but you just have to remember you are doing the league for your loved ones to have a better life."

5. Where do you see Esports and Wizards DG in 5 years.

"Antonio: I think in 5 years, Esports will be the top conversation for most watched thing in the world. It’s grown so much in just the last 5 years that in 5 more it will be insane. Wizdg has already established themselves as a top org in the league. In 5 years, they will still be the best and one of the top teams in the league for years to come."

6. How good did it feel to walk on the court at Cap One Arena and be embraced by Wizards fans.

"Antonio: It felt great to go out on the court and be embraced by the wizards fans. We play for them, even if they don’t know who we are fully. We want to make D.C. proud! So it was a great feeling to be out in front of the fans."

7. If one wanted to get into Esports, what would you recommend, and what direction would you tell them to take?

"Antonio:  If someone wanted to get into Esports you have to give it your all, gaming is no longer a hobby, it becomes a job. To be great, play every day, not all day, but you have to play at least 6-8 maybe even 12 hours a day so you can become one of the best."

8. When does the upcoming season start and what are your goals for this season.

"Antonio: The upcoming season usually starts early to mid-April based on past seasons, but we don’t know the date yet. Our goal will always be a championship, but for this season I think it’s just staying level headed and not thinking we are the best of the best because we went back to back. That just means there is even more of a target on our backs. So we have to get ready and prepare to protect the brand once again."

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