Bradley Beal Opening up to Possibility of Being Traded?

Washington Wizards Bradley Beal. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Washington Wizards Bradley Beal. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /
Washington Wizards Bradley Beal Josh Okogie.
Washington Wizards Bradley Beal Josh Okogie. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports /

The Washington Wizards and Bradley Beal have mostly ignored outside noise about him being traded for years now. While that hasn’t officially changed yet, reports indicate it could be starting to change behind the scenes.

Rumors suggest Beal is not at the point of pursuing a trade but is past the point of outright shutting it down when the subject gets brought up. This could be nothing but is worth mentioning and monitoring moving forward.

Beal has become noticeably less excited about being in Washington. That is the main reason this report could be more than nothing as we move forward.

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Additionally, the Wizards are not where they want to be or where he wants them to be. It wouldn’t be shocking to see both parties reach the same conclusion that it is best to move on sooner rather than later.

The Wizards would find themselves in a tough spot given the limited number of potential suitors with the trade deadline looming. Still, if he wants out it is better to do it now instead of later. THe team currently around him won’t do enough to convince him to stay before he has the chance to leave via free agency.

A Bradley Beal Trade Could Set Up the Future

Washington could prioritize a few different things in a potential Beal trade. First, they could entirely revamp their draft capital. They’re short some picks, mostly second-rounders, in the coming years and could take this opportunity to bottom out a bit in the coming years.

That allows them to have multiple years of high draft picks with an additional first-rounder in those same years. Those assets are valuable.

They could also center the deal around young players with upside, depending on the team a deal would be with. There’s also the option of getting a high-level player as the centerpiece, someone like Ben Simmons that could be who you build around both now and for a number of years moving forward.

For now, it’s worth monitoring. Fans seem to be like Beal on the topic, much more understanding of moving on now than they were not too long ago. We’ll see how it plays out and continue to monitor things.

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