Wizards Rumors: 3 Players Likeliest to be Traded at the NBA Trade Deadline

Montrezl Harrell, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Montrezl Harrell, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /
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As many of you already know, the Washington Wizards are expected to be busy right up until the NBA trade deadline. The roster needs improvements and a general direction while the rotation needs to be tighter.

That means we could see a number of current Wizards involved in traded deadline deals. Not only would it help the Wizards rotation to move multiple players and possibly get back fewer guys to play right now, it also would let this team and fan base know what direction this team is going in.

They have options, all of which are at least plausible as of right now. They can focus on getting better with the intention of keeping Bradley Beal around long term. They can slightly tear things down to improve their assets and cap space with their eye on Beal staying but a backup plan in place if he does leave.

Or they can go the route more and more fans have been asking for, which is completely tearing it down and beginning to build toward the post-Beal era. While they can and should keep their promising young players if this route is chosen, essentially every other player on the roster would be available for the right price.

If that happened, contenders on down would be calling the Wizards front office. Don’t let their performance fool you, this team is deep with players more than capable of contributing in the right situation.

Rumors are flying around the league and the Wizards are involved in more than their fair share. From Bradley Beal noise to Spencer Dinwiddie frustrations and everything in between, these are the three Wizards likeliest to be traded before the deadline.