Bradley Beal Shares Interesting Thoughts on what the Wizards Roster Needs

Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

As the long and painful 2021-22 Washington Wizards season limps to the finish line the focus remains on the upcoming offseason. That’s the case for the front office, many players and certainly most fans. Bradley Beal is no different.

Beal recently shared his thoughts on what the Wizards roster needs to add moving forward.

Beal’s entire response says a lot. While he says he doesn’t like answering such questions out of respect for those currently on the roster, he follows that by immediately answering the question to some extent. His answer isn’t shocking but it felt unnecessary for a number of reasons.

First, everybody knows the point guard position is going to be the biggest need entering the offseason. It is far and away where the Wizards have the least talent and no one on the current roster can be asked to start at point guard next season.

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Second, a big guard that can get to the rim, distribute and knock down shots is something any team would love to have. While he is right in what he said about the need for a guard he inadvertently seemed to knock most of the current roster.

An answer centered around the need for a guard while also complimenting some of the pieces currently on the team would have shown more promise about Beal as the leader of this team. Kyle Kuzma can facilitate in bursts and both he and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could be surprised to hear they’re not ‘dogs’ on the wing.

Beal’s lack of acknowledgement about what the roster currently has isn’t really good for anyone on the team. Not only that but his emphasis on the teams shooting struggles included no mention of his own career worst shooting season that has played a part in the teams struggles.

Can the Wizards get Bradley Beal this Player?

The final point on this subject is the problem created if the front office feels pressured to add a player that Bradley Beal wants instead of who they determine is the right man for the job. It seems like Beal doesn’t want to create for others as much as he was asked to this season, but isn’t that concerning?

If it’s best for the team he should be happy to do it. The next point guard of the Wizards is going to be asked to be a floor general for the franchise, not just help Beal get the looks he desires. Not to mention the defense needed at the position and really every position on the roster.

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