Washington Wizards get 10th Pick

Wes Unseld Jr., Washington Wizards. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Wes Unseld Jr., Washington Wizards. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

The NBA draft lottery was tonight and our Washington Wizards were slotted with the 10th best odds to obtain the first overall pick. This would be a huge leap to achieve in order to get one of the top selections for the 2022 NBA Draft.

However, the hope was present that the Wizards could find a way to crack that top four. The last top four selection they had was back in 2013; when they selected Otto Porter Jr. with the third overall pick.

Since then, the Wizards’ highest pick in the draft was at number nine in 2020 and 2019, respectively. Wizards’ head coach, Wes Unseld Jr., was the person to represent the organization at the lottery this year.

Unfortunately, the Wizards did not get lucky this evening. They received the 10th overall pick and did not move from their original spot in the draft lottery.

The last time Washington owned this spot in the draft was back in 2003, where they took Jarvis Hayes out of Georgia. We now know where we are in the draft.

Granted, it would have been great to move up, but it is nice to know where the Wizards are placed for the upcoming draft. It is time for some mock drafts to arrive; and we can see who might come to D.C.

There are some talent individuals in the draft this year. Some might fall to the 10th spot.

Also, always keep in mind that the draft can be unpredictable. We do not know what is going to occur in the NBA from now until late June.

The hope for a top four pick might have been lost, but who knows who will be available at their selections. This draft can’t come soon enough.

Is there anyone in mind you want the Wizards to grab at the 10th pick? Are you content with the Wizards being the 10th pick?