Will the Wizards Trade the 10th Pick?

Washington Wizards, NBA Draft Lottery. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Washington Wizards, NBA Draft Lottery. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

The NBA Draft is only a week away and the rumors are still swirling. The Washington Wizards own the 10th overall pick in this draft. However, it is not set in stone that the 10th pick is going to be where the Wizards end up on draft night.

Jonathan Givony of ESPN published his new mock draft and touched on the possibility of the Wizards moving the pick for a proven guard to go alongside Bradley Beal. This had led to several ideas for who the Wizards should target if they were to follow through with a trade.

It is hard to facilitate big trades during the draft, but anything is possible. There a plethora of different avenues for the Wizards to head down. However, will they and should they are the two questions looming at the moment.

Targeting a Known Commodity 

As I briefly touched on earlier, the Wizards might be on the hunt for a proven guard by dangling that 10th pick. However, there isn’t an exact player they are targeting. In fact, there are several guards they are monitoring for a potential trade.

Those guards include young studs, such as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Dejounte Murray. Then there are some veterans they have their eye on, such as Malcolm Brogdon and Mike Conley.

Each player comes at a different price. Conley is entering next season at 35 years old with a big contract still on the books. SGA and Murray would command a lot more than just one pick in the backend of the lottery. Another option could be someone who would cost less and generate more capital heading the Wizards’ way.

One of those options could be Monte Morris of the Denver Nuggets, whom has been deemed available in trade talks.

One last veteran option could be the return of John Wall. However, a trade involving the 10th pick would seem extremely unlikely for that reunion to occur.

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Trade Up for Jaden Ivey

The top three draft picks this year are already cemented in some order. The fourth pick is somewhat of a mystery. Most draft experts believe that Jaden Ivey out of Purdue is the fourth best player in the draft. However, reports are coming out stating that Ivey does not want to be drafted by the Sacramento Kings, who currently own the fourth selection.

Several teams have had preliminary talks with the Kings about moving with one of those teams being the Washington Wizards. Wizards Insider, Quinton Mayo, touched on the intrigue that the team has with the young prospect.

The Kings will obviously demand a lot for a top four pick and the ability to nab a talent, such as Ivey. Pieces would need to be packaged with that 10th pick for a trade to be executed. Rui Hachimura is the obvious trade chip that would come to mind. Rui has missed time over the last few seasons and is in line for a contract extension, potentially.

Kyle Kuzma was perhaps the best player on the Wizards roster this season, which could make Rui a little expendable. Another trade piece could be Deni Avdija.

Avdija is still very young and is improving slowly. In fact, Avdija will be working out with well-renowned trainer, Drew Hanlen.

Rui and/or Avdija are the most likely candidates to be packaged with that pick if they want to pursue Ivey.

Should They Trade the Pick?

This is the toughest question for not only the organization, but also for the fans. Wizards fans have grown accustomed to making the wrong move in the draft for decades now. We have seen this movie before.

Back in 2009, the Wizards had the fifth overall selection, but decided to trade the pick in a win now move, receiving Mike Miller and Randy Foye. The move amounted to nothing, but another dismal season. Who did the Wizards lose out on you might ask?

They only lost out on Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, and Jrue Holiday. That has haunted the fans since. However, there were more blunders before and after that draft.

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The Wizards front office needs to look in the mirror and determine what direction they want to head towards. Trading a top 10 pick is a huge commitment to what the goal is that you have in mind. This draft, and ultimately the decision on what to do with the 10th pick, could shape the future for this franchise moving forward.