Wizards Draft: 2 Point Guard Additions that would make the Night a Success

Jaden Ivey, Wizards Draft. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Jaden Ivey, Wizards Draft. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The Washington Wizards are desperate to make significant improvements to their roster. The 2022 NBA Draft is their first opportunity to do so ahead of what should be a very busy offseason.

Things start with the point guard position. While it’s not there only need, it’s the obvious one that must be addressed successfully in order for any other moves to make much of a difference. Spencer Dinwiddie was brought in for a hefty price last offseason and didn’t last through the NBA trade deadline. Ish Smith is under contract but is a proven solid backup point guard, not someone who can be the starter on a team with any sort of expectations.

If the Wizards address the point guard need during the draft, they could be setting up what eventually turns into a great offseason. The player needs to fit with Beal and company, obviously, and the higher the upside/talent the better the move would be.

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Here are the point guards the Wizards could add during the NBA Draft that would automatically make the night a huge success.

Wizards Draft: Jaden Ivey would Change Everything

It’s going to be fun chasing the rumors regarding the Sacramento Kings and the fourth overall pick up until the last second. They could send it away to one of the multiple suitors at anytime or just stand pat and select a prospect for themselves.

The Wizards interest makes a ton of sense but they are competing with teams that also should be willing to give up a lot for a potential game changer such as Jaden Ivey. The Wizards can’t afford to be greedy with their offers for the pick.

Ivey is going to make an impact right off the bat in the NBA. Not only would he upgrade the teams point guard position drastically from day one, he also brings the franchise player potential the Wizards desperately need.

That would help if Bradley Beal eventually leaves or if he stays for many years. Ivey can be the player that takes over as the face of the franchise whether Beal leaves tomorrow or in ten years.

Wizards Draft: Dejounte Murray is a Proven Stud with Room to Grow

The best player the Wizards could theoretically add during the draft is the San Antonio Spurs stud point guard, Dejounte Murray. Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reports the Spurs are actively discussing his name in trade talks.

While the Wizards aren’t confirmed to be discussing Murray with San Antonio, it would be a mistake if they didn’t reach out  at some point before it’s no longer an option. If they don’t have the assets to get him, they can move on to the next target on their list.

If they do have the assets to package together in a deal the Spurs would take, they must strongly consider it given the top end talent it would give them in adding Murray next to Beal and even Kristaps Porzingis.

Murray is a triple double threat on a nightly basis and most importantly brings a strong defensive presence at the guard spot. He scores and distributes at a high level and his defense is among the best in the league at the point guard spot. He’s as good a of a player as the Wizards can get over the course of this entire offseason.

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