What Does the Future Hold for Bradley Beal After the Draft?

Bradley Beal Washington Wizards (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Bradley Beal Washington Wizards (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The NBA Draft has ended and the Washington Wizards went with Johnny Davis out of Wisconsin at the number 10 overall pick. There were tons of rumors leading up to draft night, but drafting the young guard was the move they decided to go with in the end. Now comes the most important part of the off-season; what does the future hold for Bradley Beal?

Does Drafting Johnny Davis Mean Bradley Beal Stays in Washington?

Outside of what to do with Bradley Beal and his extension, the off-season was a key time to figure out what to do with the point guard position. They tried their hand with Spencer Dinwiddie last off-season, but that experiment failed rather quickly.

As of right now, the only point guard on the roster is Ish Smith. The Wizards know that having a good backcourt partner with Beal is vital. This is why prior to the draft, they were on the hunt for a known commodity at the guard spot to potentially go alongside Beal.

However, none of the players they were eying would come to fruition. They remained at the 10th pick of the draft and chose Davis with the selection. Davis might not have the upside of others in the draft, but he is for sure someone that can help the guard position for the Wizards immediately.

Davis was the primary ball-handler at Wisconsin and demonstrated that he was comfortable with the ball in his hands. He can excel at both ends of the court with his scoring prowess and overall toughness. The pick could easily help Beal if he was to choose to stay with the Wizards.

However, Davis is a combo guard in the grand scheme of things, which means perhaps Beal can take a bigger role as a ball-handler. Back in early January of this year, Beal started his first career game at the point guard position, which he played a phenomenal game.

He managed to post a career high in assists with 17 and spoke about the experience after the game. He is more than capable of handling some of the workload, but it would be best to have another option at times. That is where Davis comes into the fold.

Davis is not the traditional point guard by any stretch of the imagination. However, he has a good deal of experiencing thriving as the primary ball-handler. Beal and Davis can co-exist in the backcourt.

That is why this move is important for the future of the Wizards with Beal as the franchise guy. A move like this gives him help in a multitude of areas.

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Will  Bradley Beal Stay or Go?

Johnny Davis is a good selection to pair with Beal for the foreseeable future. However, Davis could be a good selection if Beal was to choose a different location to further his career. What better way of using this year’s pick? You are now prepared for the worst-case scenario, which is a Beal departure.

We have heard rumblings on both ends for what Beal might decide. There is still time left for him to make the choice of whether he wants to remain a Wizard or not. Over the last couple of days since the draft, there are still conflicting reports.

There have been talks of Beal’s desire to win and how that might sway him to leaving, as he doesn’t see the Wizards as a future contender.

However, reports surfaced today that he might rejoin the Wizards after all.

Anything can happen until the final decision is made. Johnny Davis can either be working with Beal as the next backcourt tandem for the Wizards; or we can be seeing Davis take over where Bradley Beal left off. Only time will tell.

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