Why the Wizards Re-Signing Bradley Beal was the Right Move

The Washington Wizards and Bradley Beal agreed on a historic contract extension at the start of free agency.  This deal will be for five years for a whopping $251 million. This move has been discussed for well over a year now.

There have been talks of the Wizards trading Beal before he leaves, while rumors swirl that he wants to remain in Washington for a longer period of time. However, the deal is now done, but that does not stop the discussion surrounding Beal and the Wizards.

For some this might seem like the worst move possible. Then there is the opposite feeling on this contract. In the end, re-signing Bradley Beal was the correct course of action for the franchise moving forward.

Reward Loyalty

Bradley Beal is been a part of the Wizards franchise for a decade now. We have seen him grow into one of the best scorers in the NBA today. However, this past season was a slight disappointment from the All-Star guard.

Nonetheless, Beal has been loyal to the team and the fans for his entire tenure thus far. This is not offering a big contract to someone with character issues. This not offering a big contract to someone who has never given his all in the postseason. Bradley Beal has tried since day one.

Beal’s loyalty to the organization should be admired, not ridiculed. We have seen him perform at levels that put other NBA players on notice. It is very easy to give up when the success isn’t proficient.

However, Beal wants to stay with the Wizards through thick and thin. Yes, the money in the extension plays a big role, but he still needs to be happy enough to re-sign in the first place.

The history for the Wizards and contract extensions, such as the Beal one, have a history of failure. We have seen it torpedo the franchise down to pits of hell. This one could be the same, or perhaps it could work to their benefit.

The risk in a contract like this is immense. However, it is worth that said risk. The Wizards are not in position to let someone walk with this talent and desire for wanting to stay here.

Where Could Bradley Beal Go?

Today’s NBA is known for star players moving around at the drop of dime. We have grown accustomed to the notion of a player wanting out if their current team has no chance of winning. There is one slight problem with that notion, which is that there are only a select few amount of teams capable of competing each season.

That comes into play in this situation. We all know the Washington Wizards are not as successful as other franchises, but that does not mean that we need to ship off our best player for spare parts. Social media has had plenty of people clowning the amount of money Beal will make, while simultaneously winning very few playoff games.

My question is simple: where would he go? You can give me a list of teams that would obviously want Beal, but what would the Wizards get in that exchange? It is very easy for the outsiders to put the best player of the Wizards on other teams, and simply not care about the return package. However, we, the fans of the Wizards, simply do.

The contract might seem bloated, but that is the nature of the business. Re-signing Beal was the right move to make.