Washington Wizards have competition brewing for final two-way contract

Makur Maker, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)
Makur Maker, Washington Wizards. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images) /

The Washington Wizards continue to hold onto their final two-way contract spot as the offseason progresses. We may know more about what their plan is for that spot following their most recent contract agreement.

The Wizards are reportedly bringing in Makur Maker on an Exhibit 10 contract, according to Josh Robbins, who covers the Wizards for The Athletic.

That brings the Wizards total of Exhibit 10 contracts to three. Earlier in the offseason, the team agreed to similar deals with Quenton Jackson and Davion Mintz. Exhibit 10 contracts are deals that can be converted into two-way contracts before the NBA season begins. If not, they can be converted into season long contracts with the teams G-League affiliate.

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Wizards building interesting competition for final two-way spot

The Wizards have a commitment to Jordan Schakel for their first two-way spot. Schakel played with the team last season and had a solid NBA Summer League performance. He’s a wing who looks like he could have a bright future in the league as a two way role player.

While none of the three players signed to Exhibit 10 deals are guaranteed to sign the last two-way spot the Wizards have available, it makes sense that they have a leg up on the rest of the eligible players in terms of receiving that deal. The team is making a financial commitment to bring each of them into training camp and there has to be a certain level of hope one stands out enough to be given the two-way contract.

Maker is a big man who has been of interest to numerous NBA teams early in his career. Mintz and Jackson are both guards that possess skillsets to see how they could grow into consistent NBA role players in the near future.

Both spots are areas of need for the Wizards, which is yet another reason this is set to be an interesting competition. While Maker is the most recent addition to the group, he may have the most to overcome in terms of earning the final spot.

The Wizards need another body in their guard rotation more than they need another big to eat minutes if and when needed. That is especially true after the team rounded out their roster with the signing of veteran big man Taj Gibson.

As training camp rolls around and the team gets in the gym, it will be interesting to follow along how each of these players is performing. The Wizards can add a few more Exhibit 10 contracts if they would like, as the limit on the number of these deals a team can have at once is six.

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