Wizards Mock Draft: 2 guards who can shake up the roster

Cason Wallace, Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Cason Wallace, Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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The Washington Wizards have one very obvious weakness when it comes to their roster, and that would be the complete lack of starting caliber point guard. Honestly, at times, they might just be better off starting Deni Avdija despite his shortcomings on offense.

This weakness has plagued the Wiz all season long, every new look they try always seems to have the same weakness, ball movement. Recently, they have had a few players step up to try and stop the bleeding, but it won’t be enough to win consistently.

Perimeter defense has also been a major issue for the Wizards when Delon Wright is on the bench. Bradley Beal has been subpar on that end of the floor and the team’s defensive scheme is lacking at times.

This main issue can be solved in the 2023 NBA Draft where there may be two quality guards in their selection range that would be right up their alley.

Cason Wallace may provide the two-way play that the Wizards need.

Cason Wallace is a player who can lock down an opposing player while barreling down the floor to get whatever shot he wants. This isn’t what makes him interesting as an NBA prospect, however.

His quick and consistent shot release used in combination with his other strengths makes him a tough guard to handle when next to other great players. He is shooting over 40% from beyond the three-point arc although he is not matching that excellence at the free throw line.

Wallace has no glaring weaknesses on the basketball court and is as competitive as they come. He also does many of the small things that lead to winning, he would be a great pick for any team in the late lottery looking to improve quickly.

He is six foot four and uses his strength and quickness to get good looks. His pairing next to Bradley Beal may be questionable as we have seen the small guard combo fail year after year in the playoffs.

But there may be someone that’s an even better fit on this squad.