Proposing new trade that could make the Wizards real contenders

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The situation surrounding the Washington Wizards has been frustrating at times this season for sure. However, with their recent resurgence behind Deni “Turbo” Avdija, they are looking much more competent as a team. They seem much closer to contending then they did at any other point in the season.

While they still aren’t in any situation to be flexing their muscles just yet, one trade could fill in all of their problem areas and make them one of the most complete rosters in the league.

Following the Rui Hachimura trade and Kendrick Nunn looking like his old self, they are no longer in desperate need of a point guard, although some depth would still be nice. The more urgent area of need is the center position.

At the moment, they are stuck playing Daniel Gafford and Taj Gibson. While Gafford has been great when paired next to Kristaps Porzingis, Taj Gibson is one of the oldest players in the league and should be used as purely injury insurance.

On top of this, there are questions about Corey Kispert’s defensive ability. While he is able to light up the floor from beyond the arc, his defense holds the team back at times. While this isn’t a priority, flipping the young sharpshooter for a three and d wing could prove to be incredibly beneficial.

There is one trade that the Washington Wizards can make that will fix two of their biggest issues while opening up space to fix the third through either the buyout market or from the remaining free agency pool.

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