Washington Wizards draft: one of the greatest prospects ever could play in DC

Victor Wembanyama of the Metropolitans 92 (Photo by Christian Liewig - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)
Victor Wembanyama of the Metropolitans 92 (Photo by Christian Liewig - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images) /

After an eventful week for the middle to lower half of the Eastern Conference standings has seen the Washington Wizards fall from the sixth best odds for the top pick in the 2023 NBA draft to the ninth best. These are long odds, but not impossible.

The top pick is all but guaranteed this year as one of the greatest prospects of all time is available. Some have said he would go over LeBron James, even with the context of the last 20 years of excellence from the 2003 draftee.

Victor Wembanyama is a seven-foot four center without shoes. This alone makes him stand out. Add his similarity to Kevin Durant on offense and his ability to turn around and play elite defense on top of that, it’s not hard to see why he is the consensus number one overall pick.

This is the type of player that you pick and build around even with an established star already on the roster, making any questions about a potential fit on the Wizards roster pretty irrelevant. He would override any goals of building around Bradley Beal. He is that good.

What all can Victor Wembanyama do on a basketball court?

This is a question that many had before the beginning of the season, but with the NBA advertising the French star at nearly every opportunity, this has been answered fairly well. Although, the questions probably should be what can’t he do?

With his massive frame, it is not hard to imagine that he is elite around the rim. He throws down ferocious dunks and has a variety of post moves to throw off defenders who may out muscle him. He is also a craft finisher having the ability to contort his body and make tough layups similar to a guard.

Not only that, but he can stretch out the floor as far as anybody in the league, save for Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard of course. There are countless highlights of the big man hitting a player with a crafty dribble move ending in a step back three that seems like any player his height should never be able to make. Moves that give point guard vibes.

While his efficiency is a bit suspect, he is also taking incredibly difficult shots. Many of his three-point attempts are heavily contested or off the dribble, often times both. Playing with another playmaker could greatly benefit the 19-year-old.

His passing vision is also underrated as he is clearly the top scoring option for his team. He is rarely in a situation to pass the basketball, but he can still find his teammates when he needs to. Another rare aspect in centers that makes him stand apart.

His defense is also nothing short of elite. His timing is perfect, and he is capable of moving his feet as well. This makes him a quality defender against guards and big men alike. Although, it is unclear if his lateral movement will be able to keep up with the quickness of NBA competition.

The only weakness in Wembanyama’s entire game is his lack of strength. He is incredibly thin and has shown that he can be pushed around by stronger opponents. One thing that he has done to counter this is by using his monstrous wingspan to reach around and block shots after being backed down. If he puts on some weight, he could be one of the best defenders in the world.

While the Washington Wizards are unlikely to get the Victor Wembanyama, only having a 4.5% chance as of the time of writing, it is undeniable that the French center would completely change the trajectory of the franchise.

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