The biggest reason the Wizards probably haven’t begun their GM search

Tommy Sheppard of the Washington Wizards. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Tommy Sheppard of the Washington Wizards. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Since the firing of now former general manager Tommy Sheppard, there have been almost no updates on the search from the Washington Wizards. The best we have gotten is speculation of possible candidates and an announcement that named who the points of contact within the organization are.

While that leaves very little of concrete news to know what’s going on within the organization, the timing of everything may not just be a coincidence. The lack of update or even naming of interviews or interim GM may tell us exactly who Ted Leonsis is eyeing to fill the position.

Bob Myers is an interesting candidate for the Washington Wizards

Bob Myers has been the President of Basketball Operations for the Golden State Warriors since 2012. In that time, he has made numerous decisions that helped craft the dominant force that has so far won four NBA championships. To say he played a crucial role behind the scenes for them would be an understatement.

He played a key role in the trade for Andre Iguodala, the signing of Kevin Durant, and the trade for Andrew Wiggins. All three of these moves directly resulted in winning and they aren’t even the only major moves he has made.

Myers was also behind the Steve Kerr signing for head coach and was the one who drafted Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, and Kevon Looney. He also has masterfully manipulated contracts to matchup with the huge cap spikes like in 2016 and potentially again in 2025 that we have witnessed in recent years so that he can continuously make big signings.

The only potential stain on the legacy of Bob Myers as an executive is the fact that he was not the one who drafted either Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson. While he did craft the teams that they would help lead to incredible heights, he cannot claim credit for finding the centerpieces of the Warriors’ dynasty.

Despite his incredible success with his current team, he is currently on a deal set to expire early in June. To add even more spice to the fire, Myers has been offered numerous extensions that have been left unsigned according to owner Joe Lacob. The largest factor in his potential departure is pay as sources close to both Myers and Lacob have mentioned money as a key part of the discussions.

With the highly coveted executive’s contract expiring soon and the Washington Wizards being consistently named as an interested team, it seems almost certain that they are waiting for him to be available before truly beginning the hiring process.

While there may be other reasons behind the delay including potentially promoting John Thompson or Brett Greenberg, observing who may be available following the postseason, or even just not having a plan, this seems to be the most likely answer by far.

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With everything currently in play, the Washington Wizards are likely playing the long game to try and nab one of the best executives in the league to potentially help lead the franchise to greatness. The biggest question for the team if this is the case is how much are they willing to spend to improve their odds of winning a championship?