Former Wizards head coach named as candidate for Bucks vacancy

Scott Brooks and Chauncey Billups. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Scott Brooks and Chauncey Billups. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

After spending his time away from the Washington Wizards as an assistant coach with the Portland Trailblazrs, Scott Brooks may now have an opportunity to return to the front of a coaching staff.

The Milwaukee Bucks are in the market for a new head coach after failing to make the second round this season despite having the best record in the league. This is only the second time that the number one seed has lost a seven-game series in the first round. This is also the third time that the Bucks have underperformed in the post season in the last four years.

With the talents on the Bucks’ roster, nearly every available coach in the NBA may be interested in this position. This likely does not exclude Scott Brooks.

Scott Brooks’ time with the Washington Wizards left much to be desired

While there may have been some incredible moments for the Wizards during Brooks’ tenure as head coach, including three playoff appearances, but there were also some rough seasons. However, a majority of the team’s success stemmed more from the excellent play of John Wall and Bradley Beal than anything else.

After John Wall’s injury, the Wizards failed to win 35 games until current coach Wes Unseld Jr took over. Even with John Wall on the roster, the Wizards never reached the 50-win milestone. This has been an elusive landmark for the Wizards as they have come short for 44 years in a row now.

While there were some iconic moments for the Wizards during Brooks’ time as coach of the franchise, like their 2017 playoff run, there were far more less than ideal moments from the franchise in those five years.

It is great that Scott Brooks may be getting another opportunity, but there are definitely no tears shed by the Washington Wizards over him no longer being with the franchise.

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