The 8 best free agents for the Washington Wizards to pursue this year

Jock Landale of the Phoenix Suns being coached by Mark Bryant. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Jock Landale of the Phoenix Suns being coached by Mark Bryant. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Following a disappointing season, the Washington Wizards may be looking to make some big moves this offseason. With no trade assets and what will likely end up being a late lottery pick, it seems like one of the better areas to do so would be free agency.

Currently, the Wizards are set to extend Kristaps Porzingis and re-sign Kyle Kuzma each to deals upwards of $20 million per year. With both of those contracts accounted for, they are left with roughly $8 million to make moves in free agency.

While that isn’t a ton of space to make moves and they won’t be signing anybody like Kyrie Irving, there is still plenty of room to make impact moves as there are plenty of great free agents in that price range this summer.

The Washington Wizards have plenty of needs that could be addressed in free agency

This is a team that has no shortage of weaknesses in the construction of the roster. That is part of the reason they struggled so much in the past few seasons.

They need a point guard who can actually facilitate. While this may not be high on their free agency wish list due to the high probability of fixing this problem in the draft, it is still worth mentioning.

A scoring option off the bench would also be of much use to the team. Corey Kispert did emerge as a possible candidate for this role late in the season, but adding another player next to him that can also score at a quality clip could prove beneficial.

The biggest need, however, is a big man off the bench who can catch lobs and block shots. After Daniel Gafford, the Wizards have no player who can fit this role consistently and it shows in their defensive metrics.

Patrick Beverley would be a great addition to the Wizards bench

I won’t get too much into this one due to recently writing an article that went a little more in depth on Beverley that can be read here, but he should definitely be a top choice.

He is a defensive monster who can also fit well into a set offense. Beverley is the type of player that every team should want off the bench. Adding him would be a great addition to the Wizards approach and could raise them to contending status.