Washington Wizards bring in two potential top picks for workout

Cason Wallace of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Cason Wallace of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

The Washington Wizards will be holding a group pre-draft workout on Monday. This is the second workout the team has done so far and the first featuring prospects that could be drafted with their number eight pick.

Their first workout consisted of players they could pick in the second round or sign as undrafted free agents. This includes Isaiah Moore who grew up a Wiz fan in Temple Hills.

This time around, the Wizards seem to be focusing more on their eighth pick and their 43rd pick bringing in multiple players who are projected to go in that range. This includes two star point guards.

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Cason Wallace and Nick Smith Jr will both be working out with the Washington Wizards

Two of the many players that fans have talked about all year as potential draftees will be present for Monday’s workout assuming nothing stops them from attending. Depending on how this workout goes, as well as any and all workouts leading up to the draft, it could drastically affect the decision-making process for the Wizards.

They will be working alongside four other potential Wizards players under the watchful eye of the revamped front office likely joined by head coach Wes Unseld Jr.

Cason Wallace is one of the most well-rounded players in the draft. He is the epitome of the phrase ‘jack of all trades, but master of none.’ He is good at just about anything you can do on a basketball court with decent size for his position, but nothing in particular stands out like you typically see from draft prospects.

Nick Smith Jr is highly coveted as a pure scoring combo guard. However, it is difficult to gauge where his ceiling could be since he was injured much of his freshman year at Arkansas.

This workout could be pivotal for the Washington Wizards process of making their draft selection as this is their opportunity to make evaluations of these players in person.

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