Can the Wizards realistically sign Chris Paul after shocking waive news?

Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

With the recent news that Chris Paul is being waived by the Phoenix Suns (per Chris Haynes), the suspense of where the former superstar point guard will soon come into question. Coming off another season where he was hit with the injury bug during a postseason run, does a team take a chance on the aging star? Does he consider retirement? Does he take a role where he can be a starter on a bad team? Does he decide to come off the bench on a championship contender? The Wizards can take a run at him if it’s a low-risk situation.

Chris Paul is way past his prime years as we know. Coming off a season where he averaged a career low in scoring (13.9), he can still contribute to a team. The Wizards did not have much spark at the point guard position last season, heavily relying on Monte Morris and Delon Wright. Chris Paul can bring the Wizards team a player who can take a lot of pressure off the ball handling responsibilities Bradley Beal had. He also brings a veteran leadership that is respected league wide. Even though he just turned 38, he is still a quality player to have on a roster whether it’s in a starting role or off the bench.

The former All-Star has career averages of 17.9 points and 9.5 assists per game. He has had a decorated career and a member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team. Of course, he would probably have to change his number as Bradley Beal dons the famous number 3 that Paul is known to wear.

Paul recently talked about how his daughter is getting bullied in school by other kids saying Paul will never win a ring. Him going to the Wizards may not guarantee a championship run but it can be a step in the right direction.

Chris Paul still has plenty in the tank to offer the Washington Wizards

The Wizards can use Paul to attract more players who may want to play with him. He is a well respected player, great passer and brings a lot of quality leadership characteristics that the Washington team needs. There isn’t anything in this league that Paul hasn’t seen so he can help push the team to new highs with the addition. The Point God is a 5x Assist champ, 12x All Star, 6x Steals champ, 11x All-NBA performer, and a 9x All-Defensive player. All these things will have him become a first ballot Hall of Famer when he decides to hang it up for good. But knowing him, he isn’t going to retire anytime soon as his competitive fire is still there and shows on the court.

Chris Paul has the makings to becoming a coach when his playing career is over. He is known to direct traffic, call out plays and set up teammates so he can become a pretty good coach. Just like former point guard, Jason Kidd, Paul can become a coach right when he’s done. He can serve as somewhat as a player-coach while on the Wizards where he is not playing as much but, is rather on the bench directing the offense and defense.

Paul is still owned over $60 million over the next two seasons so his asking price may be a little high. But if he understands his role and realizes he may need to take a pay cut, the right opportunity for the Wizards can present itself. It is likely that Delon Wright won’t come back to the team so that would leave Paul as the starter if he signs and Morris as the backup which may be a better role for him.

The point guard play would be very good with those two at the mantle. Kristaps Porzingis will have a legit pick and roll/pop combination with Paul. Beal will go back to his role of playing off the ball, putting him in spots where he is freed up to score. Kyle Kuzma will also have some help playing off the ball a little more even though he has been developing more as a playmaker. All in all, the pickup would not be a bad idea at all as long as it’s at an affordable price.

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