Ranking the top 10 draft prospects for the Washington Wizards

Gradey Dick of the Kansas Jayhawks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Gradey Dick of the Kansas Jayhawks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Ausar Thompson
Ausar Thompson speaks at the NBA Draft Combine (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

No.3 Ausar Thompson

One of the coveted Thompson twins, he has incredible size and length for his position and features incredible athleticism. He has been projected to go anywhere from fifth to ninth. If he is available it is likely that neither of the two players I have listed ahead of him will be, making this decision a no-brainer.

To start off, he is another incredibly versatile wing, especially on the defensive end. He has the size, speed, and hops to successfully defend any player 1-4. The only thing he lacks on the defensive end is the strength to keep centers out of the paint, something that can easily be developed. He is also very active in passing lanes as well.

In transition, Ausar Thompson is just as dangerous as his brother, having both the speed and the leaping ability to negate just about any defense he could run into in the full court. He is also a crafty finisher for when he can’t just jump over the defense, allowing him to remain dangerous even through contact.

That same athleticism allows him to be a rebounding wing, and also be a major threat off the ball. A team with an already established playmaker would elevate Thompson to another level.

The biggest question mark surrounding both Thompson twins, is their lack of a consistent jump shot. Ausar Thompson currently is slightly better than his brother, but that could change quickly, especially if he goes to a team that focuses on improving his ability as a ball handler over his shooting.

Thompson is a great player and could do great things but is unlikely to fall to the Washington Wizards and may not be the best player remaining.