3 projected lottery picks that the Wizards should avoid in the Draft

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Gradey Dick

The Kansas shooting guard is pigeonholed as a sharpshooter but he is more than just a three-point bomber. He has good size at 6’6 and can reasonably create shots for himself. He can go both to his right and his left. He is a smart player and a good cutter who should be able to find different ways to score.

Despite all this, he still projects to be a secondary scorer and playmaker at best. He is not particularly athletic, quick, or strong. His ability to get to the rim or to the free throw line regularly at the NBA level is a big question mark. He is most likely not going to be a super efficient on-ball guy in the NBA, there just aren’t too many elite shot-creators with his lack of athleticism and quickness.

The defensive concerns are another factor limiting Dick’s upside. His 6’8 wingspan is average at best for his position. He is a smart player who will get steals and charges, but it is difficult to see him be a defensive plus with his lack of length, strength, and dynamism.

The most likely outcome for Dick seems like a Luke Kennard-esque 6th-man type role. His best-case scenario could be a starter-level player if he improves his strength and defense.

That level of upside is unfortunately not worth the gamble with the no. 8 pick. There will be more intriguing players with higher upsides when it’s the Wizars’ turn to pick.