Washington Wizards select Tristan Vukcevic in second-round

Tristan Vukcevic of Real Madrid (Photo by Sonia Canada/Getty Images)
Tristan Vukcevic of Real Madrid (Photo by Sonia Canada/Getty Images) /

Another European pick for the Washington Wizards, they now select Tristan Vukcevic from Athens Greece. He most recently played for Real Madrid in Spain and is now on his way to the Washington Wizards.

Another player with upside for the Wizards as they previously selected Bilal Coulibaly and Julain Phillips who has since been traded to the Bulls for multiple second-round picks.

The six-foot-ten center has shown flashes of being an elite offensive presence with confidence from deep and the ability to be an interesting lob threat as well due to his height.

His biggest issues are the complete lack of consistency and his weakness on defense. He sometimes played heavy minutes, sometimes barely touched the floor. This has caused him to be less consistent in his play as well.

Now his weaker defense is worth noting, but as we have seen in players like Nikola Jokic that if you have the size, strength, and willingness to try, you can be an good defender in the NBA.

This seems like a great pick from the Washington Wizards, a late pick with high potential.