Washington Wizards: 3 remaining free agents to sign

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The free agency is almost over with all the big names off the board. However, there are still plenty of unsigned free agents on the market that can be signed for minimum or slightly above-minimum contracts. The Washington Wizards need to consider a few options that fit their timeline and roster.

Despite having a deep roster with a high upside, the Washington Wizards still have some holes in their roster. They are lacking in frontcourt depth, size, and athleticism.

It’s not worth it for the Wizards to bring in veterans that need playing time or the ball in their hands. They should look for players whose primes are ahead of them and who can grow with this team.

Obviously, it is unlikely to get a future starter at this stage of free agency, especially for a minimum contract. There is a reason the remaining free agents are still on the market. Most of them have significant weaknesses and have failed to establish their careers so far in the NBA.

Yet, it’s common for young players to struggle in their first few stops in the NBA. Players can have different career trajectories; some blossom early, and some peak later. The key is to find players who have shown enough flashes in their careers and have the building blocks to develop as NBA-level athletes.

One of the most important things a rebuilding team like the Washington Wizards needs to do is try to find value on the margins. Since the Wizards have the playing time and patience to take chances on young players, it’s important to take as many flyers as you can on such players. If one of them hits, you will have a valuable long-term asset and a contributor.

These three remaining free agents fit this bill.

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