Grade the Trade: Bleacher Report proposes Wizards land young Bulls forward

Washington Wizards, Corey Kispert. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Washington Wizards, Corey Kispert. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports /

With both teams looking for a change, Greg Swartz from Bleacher Report recently proposed a trade between the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls. He claimed that it was a trade that helps both teams proceed in their chosen path forward.

Both teams fell flat during the 2022-’23 NBA season, landing well short of their goals of contention this past year. One due to a severe injury to their starting point guard Lonzo Ball, the other due to poor decision making across the board.

While the Wizards decided to clear the slate and start over, a move well received around the league, the Bulls decided to double down. This proposed trade is supposed to help both teams pursue those particular actions, now let’s look at the trade to see if it actually accomplishes it’s purpose.

The Washington Wizards receive Patrick Williams from the Chicago Bulls

Right off the bat it seems like an absolute win for the Washington Wizards. To be frank, that’s because it is. There is no player currently on their roster that plays the power forward position that cannot slide to either the small forward or center positions, making this transition much easier than it would be on paper.

On top of the addition of Patrick Williams, they also gain another first-round pick from last season in Dalen Terry. Another oversized wing that offers extreme versatility, Terry is the exact type of player Will Dawkins is looking for as the new front office moves toward a more versatile style of play with the additions of Bilal Coulibaly and Patrick Baldwin Jr.

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Making this trade would give the Wiz four different forwards who are athletic, capable of moving the ball, borderline elite defenders, and at least decent ball handlers (particularly in transition) that are 22 years old or younger. It would also net them yet another second-round pick, something gaining value league-wide on a daily basis.

Neither Tyus Jones nor Corey Kispert seem to be in the long-term plans for the franchise. Jones seems too old for the window and Kispert is extremely limited in what he can bring to the floor defensively.

While it’s obviously a huge win for the Wizards, the trade starts to fall apart when looking at the Bulls’ perspective.

The front office in Chicago is incredibly high on Williams, enough to draft him fourth overall just three years ago. He is a key piece to the defensive game plan for the Bulls and invaluable to a team looking to compete as he is an incredible glue guy.

And again, Terry was a mid-first-round pick just a year ago before getting lost in the rotation behind Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan. I highly doubt the Bulls are willing to give up on him already just because two All-Star caliber players beat him out for minutes.

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They also have at least attempted to compensate for the loss of Lonzo Ball by signing Jevon Carter. Although, it is difficult to fully replace the player that made everything on both ends of the floor work for the team.

Tyus Jones and Corey Kispert just don’t seem like enough to move the needle for the Bulls for those two players.

Washington Wizards grade: A-

The Wizards gain high-level young talent in this trade that fit the exact criteria that the front office is looking for while not giving up any long-term assets. This is almost an automatic yes from the Wiz. The only thing slowing them down is the potential stability Tyus Jones could bring to the table next season.

Chicago Bulls grade: D-

This trade doesn’t move the needle for a Bulls team that is really built around a player that might never play again. Moving their best defensive player in exchange for a replacement point guard and a defensive liability seems like something that will doom the team to mediocrity until they finally decide to reset.

Overall grade: C

While it’s obviously a huge win for the Washington Wizards, the Chicago Bulls take an equally huge loss here. However, the Bulls are desperate to get something out of their current lineup and may be willing to make a desperation move to fill the Lonzo Ball-sized hole in the rotation.

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