Washington Wizards: could media day confirm what we already know?

Danilo Gallinari of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Danilo Gallinari of the Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Heading into training camp, the Washington Wizards face a number of issues surrounding the roster. Whether it’s balancing the guard/forward ratio or just having a legal roster, the Wizards have plenty to figure out.

Luckily, with media day approaching quickly, we may get a glimpse into what the front office has planned for the roster. Based on player and executive quotes we can put together a good idea of what’s going to happen between now and the start of the new season.

This has been an event that has given fans glimpses into their favorite team’s mindset heading into the season. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers used media day to reaffirm fans that they would not trade Russell Westbrook last year.

Can media day tell us which vet will be traded from the Washington Wizards?

While it hasn’t been confirmed, speculation has run rampant that one of the veteran players on the roster will be traded prior to the season. This is largely due to the fact that with Taj Gibson now on the roster, they will be required to drop one player from the active roster in order to have a legal team.

It’s been reported that the Wizards are “fielding calls” for Danilo Gallinari, Delon Wright, and Landry Shamet, however, there are other players who could also be moved. Anthony Gill, Mike Muscala, Xavier Cooks, and even Tyus Jones could all feasibly be moved during or shortly after training camp as well.

We know at least one of these names will likely be gone by the beginning of the season, the question is which one. This is something that could possibly be answered on media day.

While we won’t be seeing Michael Winger or Will Dawkins outright say a player is going to be traded, we can infer their future with the team based on quotes regarding that player and the way they carry themselves in front of the media.

If anything will give fans of the Washington Wizards a heads up as to which player will be traded in the coming months, it’s media day.