5 essential keys to the Wizards' West Coast road trip

As the Washington Wizards head out to the West Coast, we take a look at five key areas they will need to focus on in order to secure wins on the road.
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Minimizing turnovers

Coming into Los Angeles off back-to-back nail-biters at home, the Washington Wizards are looking to make some key improvements to secure their next victory. One area of focus that will need to be leveled is their 13 turnovers per game average. Ranking at 20th in the league, the Wizards turned the ball over 30 times in the two-game home stretch, giving up 28 points off turnovers in the loss to the Golden State Warriors on February 27th.

While leading the league in pace has proven to be key in the Wizards' quick and youthful offense, the limitation of turnovers will continue to allow their opponents to get key buckets that end up costing Washington. While the Wizards show their youth with their carelessness with the ball at times, they also force a whopping 14.4 turnover-per-game average for their opponents, the sixth-best in the league on the season.

Notably, the leader in turnovers per game for the team is star player Kyle Kuzma. While this does make sense, as he leads the team in minutes played and is also very ball-dominant, it is a worthy mention that on average he is turning the ball over at the team's highest rate.