5 essential keys to the Wizards' West Coast road trip

As the Washington Wizards head out to the West Coast, we take a look at five key areas they will need to focus on in order to secure wins on the road.
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Remaining healthy down the stretch

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, the Washington Wizards are currently struggling with the health of key contributors in the rotation. Deni Avdija, the Wizards' starting forward, had not missed a game in the first half of the season. Averaging 28 minutes per night, Avdija is seen as a leader on the floor and has since missed three games consecutively due to a heel injury.

Wizards' rising star Bilal Coulibaly was injured in the first quarter Sunday night after a nasty fall. He was removed from the game Sunday and missed Tuesday's action with a pelvic injury. Coulibaly is currently listed as day-to-day.

Given the already shortened rotation with the loss of Coulibaly and Avdija, the Wizards' would be in a tight spot if they were to lose any more players. Notably, Landry Shamet returned from his neck injury Tuesday against the Warriors, and he was seen limping during the latter half of the game.

The lack of rotational depth combined with two tough back-to-back matchups ahead in Los Angeles means that any injury would undoubtedly jeopardize the teams' chances of success on the road.

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