An intriguing big man just became available for the Washington Wizards

Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Memphis Grizzlies waived second-year player Kenneth Lofton Jr, according to Damichael Cole of Commercial Appeal. Facing a roster crunch after signing center Bismack Biyombo to a suspension exemption deal, the Grizzlies had to cut a player to make a roster spot available for Ja Morant's return. Lofton Jr, a fan favorite across the NBA, was the odd man out. This provides an opportunity for teams like the Washington Wizards to claim the intriguing big man off the waivers.

The Wizards have one of the worst frontcourt depths in the league. Consisting of Daniel Gafford, Danilo Gallinari, and Mike Muscala, the center rotation for Washington is less than ideal. As a result, the Wizards get physically overwhelmed and outrebounded night in and night out. Lofton Jr is a low-risk, high-reward type of player that can provide much needed size and strength in the paint for the Wizards.

Lofton Jr is an undersized big man at 6'7. However, he more than makes up for his lack of height with his unorthodox, powerful build. He is not going to fix the Wizards' defensive struggles necessarily, but he has an intriguing enough skill set to add to Washington's offensive versatility. He can post up, shoot, pass, and make plays on the offensive end. He has been a productive player his entire career, including in the NCAA and G League. In fact, he was the G League Rookie of the Year last season as he averaged 20.2 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game on 54% shooting from the field.

His offensive production, combined with his imposing physique makes him a worthy flyer. At 21 years old, Lofton Jr deserves a chance on a team that can give him consistent playing time and role. The Washington Wizards, on a developmental season, is the perfect candidate. The Wizards need to try to find value on the margins, and targeting young players looking for their second chances is a great way to do so. Plus, Lofton Jr's popularity among basketball fans can help boost the Wizards' status and bring the team more attention. That could be a win in this lost season in itself.

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