Former Wizards Marcin Gortat and John Wall readdress their beef

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On Wednesday, former Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat made a guest appearance on the Point Game podcast, a new podcast hosted by C.J. Toledano and five-time NBA All-Star John Wall. The two former Wizards spent roughly an hour discussing topics around the league, including their time together in the District.

Wall and Gortat spent five seasons together in Washington, establishing themselves as one of the league's premier guard-center tandems. The duo is known for their dominance in the pick-and-roll, which LeBron James and JJ Redick addressed on a recent episode of their podcast. The "Gortat Screen" opened up the Wizards' offense and led to many successful possessions for Washington.

However, by the end of their tenure together in D.C. in 2018, the two players began to clash.

How did John Wall and Marcin Gortat start to feud?

After banging knees with an opposing player during a game against the Dallas Mavericks in November of 2017, Wall sought out treatment for inflammation in his knee. Wall continued to play through his injury before deciding to undergo surgery in January. The operation held the Wizards' star out of play until the end of March.

In Wall's first three games out of the lineup post-surgery, the Wizards were undefeated. Gortat made his beef with Wall apparent with a tweet following the team's 122-119 win over the Toronto Raptors.

By putting the word team in quotation marks, the underlying message was evident. Gortat's subliminal shot at Wall sparked a feud that continued as Wall took to television with words of his own about Gortat.

Wall was asked about the comments made by those claiming the team moved the ball more without him, saying the idea caught him by surprise.

"I think we moved the ball well early in the season, we just couldn't make shots. And we couldn't defend at all. I think now guys are stepping up and the first unit and second unit are playing very well ... But it was kind of shocking to hear a couple people say the ball is moving a lot better, when that's what I pride myself off of, being more happy when my teammates are scoring than I am."

John Wall

ESPN's Michael Smith asked Wall specifically about the comments made by Gortat in his tweet. The Wizards' guard made his distaste for the notion very clear.

"It was more just shock to hear it from him, understanding he gets the most assists from me and the most spoon-fed baskets ever,"

John Wall

Wall's comment on ESPN's SC6 show made a major splash in the NBA, involving the entire Wizards team in the drama. With the way the situation unfolded, Gortat admitted he failed his teammates as a leader in Washington.

Marcin Gortat and John Wall clear the air regarding their beef

Gortat explained to Wall that it was of no fault to him for the team not visiting him in the hospital after his knee surgery. The former Wizards center showed remorse to Wall, who was understanding of where Gortat was mentally and seemed appreciative of the better place they are in now.

Although the two would go their separate ways shortly after their feud, Wall and Gortat gave Wizards fans memories to cherish, playing some of the franchise's best basketball together. Their offensive attack is well-remembered by fans across the NBA and revolutionized the modern pick-and-roll game.

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