Former Wizards star plans on joining a new NBA team

John Wall has connections within the Miami Heat organization
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The amount of young, talented players is continuously expanding in the NBA. But, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough room for the “veterans” of the game to make an impact.

There are a wide variety of free agents who are still longing for another opportunity to get on a basketball court again. One of them being former Washington Wizards point guard John Wall. On a recent episode of Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller’s podcast The OGs Show, Wall mentioned the Miami Heat as a potential franchise he would like to suit up for.

“I talk about that all the time,” Wall said. “Just feel like I can help them a lot, you know what I mean? I think, like, getting Terry was a great piece for them, somebody who can make plays and pick-and-roll for them and stuff. But even if I didn’t start, coming off the bench, I think I could be another person that can help them and impact them. Like me and UD talked about this plenty of times and I work out with Bam [Adebayo] a lot.”

Close relationships have already been built between Wall and the Heat

The idea of Wall teaming up with the South Beach ball club would be very intriguing. The fact that the five-time All-Star is closely connected to members within the organization could be beneficial for him. Not long after retiring in July 2023, Haslem took on the role of being the Heat’s vice president of basketball development. Sure, obtaining that title doesn’t give him absolute power over operations but he could still put in a good word.

Another aspect that could work in Wall’s favor is his relationship with Heat center Bam Adebayo. Not only could they have held private workout sessions but before the 2023-24 season began, he participated in a Miami Pro League basketball game, along with Adebayo and Heat rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Wall has the characteristics the Heat are currently looking for

If the Heat do decide to acquire Wall, it could work out largely for them. Throughout his nine years in Washington, D.C., he averaged 19.0 points, 9.2 assists, and 1.7 steals, quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Even though his best years came in a Wizards jersey, he was still able to produce respectable numbers later in his career, despite dealing with multiple injuries that eventually limited him. During his last two years in the league, he suited up for the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers. In those two seasons combined, he averaged 16.3 points, 6.1 assists, and 0.9 steals, playing a total of just 74 games.

Although Wall would likely come off the Heat’s bench, he could still make an immediate impact if fully healthy. The main factor that comes into play is the ability to control the pace of the game. As of right now, the Heat are ranked 28th in the league in terms of pace, allowing them to score just 113.4 points per 100 possessions. With Wall’s speed and willingness to get it going, he could bring improvement to that area.

Another trait Miami could clearly appreciate Wall for is his playmaking skills. Considering they average just 25.8 assists a night, his knowledge for the game and ability to create accurate passes would help them a great deal, especially since he seems to have developed great chemistry with them.

Obviously, it might take a while for Pat Riley and the Heat to construct a deal suitable for Wall but if they are able to get it done, they will be adding a valuable veteran to their team.