Grade the trade: Washington Wizards land their trade target Patrick Williams in this proposed deal

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The latest reporting by Sam Amico of Hoops Wire suggests that the Washington Wizards are interested in the Chicago Bulls duo Patrick Williams and Alex Caruso. Even though Caruso is a valuable player, it doesn't make sense for the Wizards to give up assets for the 29-year-old. Patrick Williams, however, is a different case.

After being drafted fourth-overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, Williams hasn't been able to live up to the hype. His size, physical tools, and two-way potential are still intriguing, but the 22-year-old forward hasn't elevated his game to the next level, especially on the offensive end. Despite playing 25 minutes per game for the Bulls, he is barely touching the ball offensively, and when he does, he isn't making shots.

This has caused Chicago to shy away from giving him a contract extension. Being an expiring contract and underperforming the expectations for four seasons have tanked Williams' trade value.

This is an opportunity for teams like the Washington Wizards to take advantage of the situation and offer Williams a second chance. Buying low on a 6'7 forward who can shoot and defend makes a lot of sense for the Wizards. A potential trade that can benefit all sides involved could look like this:

pat williams trade

In this trade scenario, the Wizards add much-needed size and defense, while the Bulls get intriguing assets in return. Chicago similarly offers Johnny Davis a second chance to start over and establish his career. Corey Kispert is a valuable shooter that Chicago can help develop further. Depending on what other moves the Bulls make concerning Zach Lavine and Demar Derozan, Kispert can help space the floor for the young, new-look Bulls.

An alternative to this trade could be the Wizards trading Tyus Jones straight up for Patrick Williams. If Chicago wants to stay competitive in near-term, this could be a better option, but with an 8-14 record, they presumably would prefer to rebuild.

If the Wizards end up acquiring Williams, they need to do so with an idea of his salary demands. When it's time for contract negoatiations in the 2024 offseason, Washington needs to know what it will take to keep him around. The Wizards can't give up these assets if Williams has no interest in staying in Washington past this season.

If this is all it takes to get Williams, the Wizards should pull the trigger. If additional draft compensation is required, it may be best to keep their powder dry.

Final trade grade: A

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