Predicting when the Wizards will snap their frustrating losing streak

Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz
Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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When will the Washington Wizards win again?

Following their loss in Utah, the Wizards have 14 games remaining in March, including nine games at home. Frankly, as losers of 15 in a row, the Wizards will need luck to notch their first win in over a month. However, some opportunities will be more probable than others.

Remaining on the Wizards' schedule are a few NBA juggernauts. Teams such as the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks are opponents seemingly impossible to imagine the Wizards defeating. On the other side, the Wizards do face some potentially beatable teams, especially when the team has the opportunity to face them in the District.

Friday, March 8: Wizards vs. Hornets

In November, the Wizards faced off with the Charlotte Hornets for a baseball-style series, playing each other in consecutive games. Washington came out of the set with a 132-116 win in the first of the two meetings, a precedent Wizards fans will hope to see matched in the final game of the season series.

The Hornets will be without their star guard LaMelo Ball, who has missed all game action since January 26th due to an ankle injury. If there is any team in the Wizards' final 21 games the team matches up well with and can catch shorthanded, it will be the Hornets.