Ranking every Washington Wizards player by trade likelihood

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10. Anthony Gill

Gill has had a consistent role with the Wizards for the past four seasons, providing valuable veteran leadership and a positive locker-room presence. He is always a favorite among the team, and that has some value. He can also contribute, especially defensively, in limited minutes as needed. Due to his mentorship role, he is probably more valuable on the Wizards than he would be on another team.

9. Jordan Poole

This is more due to a lack of trade market than a willingness to trade on the Wizards’ end. Poole, with his albatross of a contract and poor performance, is impossible to trade for positive value. He can probably be moved if the Wizards were to attach draft compensation, but there is no reason for Washington to do that. They are in no rush to win and have plenty of financial flexibility. It also doesn’t make too much sense to trade Poole in the nadir of his trade value. Better to hope that he starts playing better the rest of the way and see what’s out there for him in the offseason.

8. Johnny Davis

This is a similar situation to Jordan Poole. The Wizards would presumably be open to trading Davis, but it’s hard to imagine there would be too many interested teams. Even if there is a team or two willing to give Davis a second chance, they are unlikely to offer anything of value. In that scenario, it’s best for the Wizards to hold onto him and hope he figures things out. Otherwise, they may just let him go by not picking up his player option at the end of the season. And considering that it wasn’t this front office who drafted him, there is a decent chance of that happening.

7. Corey Kispert

Unlike some of the other members of the Wizards, Kispert would actually have plenty of interested parties in his services. He is an offensive specialist who has a premium skill of three-point shooting. He is only 24 and has been consistently improving his inside-the-arc game. The team that trades for him will have to give him a long-term deal next season so that might discourage some financially restricted teams. Considering his demotion to the bench and the team going in a different direction, Kispert is clearly lower on the pecking order. And that could be a sign of a potential move at the deadline.

6. Mike Muscala

Muscala has been disappointing in his limited role in Washington so far this season. However, he still has a valuable skill set as a floor-spacing center that could entice certain playoff teams. No one is giving up more than a second-round pick or two for the 32-year-old Muscala, but it’s clear that he has no future with the Wizards. It’s best to part ways with him regardless of the trade package.