Ranking every Washington Wizards player by trade likelihood

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5. Kyle Kuzma

Kuzma has been the best player on the Wizards all season. He has been a good leader, efficient scorer, and consistently competent on both ends of the floor. He is the heart and soul of this team. Therefore, it’s difficult to advocate for his trade, but if Washington were to receive an offer that included a solid first-round pick and a decent young player, they should probably take it. Kuzma is in his prime and he could maintain his trade value going forward, but there is no guarantee that he will continue playing at this level or stay healthy. The Wizards should be happy to hold onto him if the offers aren’t sufficient, but given the value of his all-around skill set, he will attract plenty of interest.

4. Tyus Jones

A decent point guard who can score, pass, and make plays on a reasonable, expiring contract? Plenty of teams will pounce on the opportunity to trade for a player like that. Tyus Jones is probably more of a backup guard on a good team, but he is also one of the best sixth-man you can have heading into the playoffs. The Wizards will have to decide whether keeping him around and giving him a long-term deal this offseason makes more sense. Having a steady floor-general like Jones is good for the offensive ecosystem of a young team. But, do you really want to give an undersized 28-year-old point guard a long-term deal? If the answer is no, it behooves the Wizards to move on from him and get additional draft compensation in return.

3. Landry Shamet

Shamet has been one of the better Wizards players all season. He has been consistent, shooting well, and playing with a lot of effort and discipline. He is not going to change the fate of the franchise that trades for him, but he is a decent shooting option off the bench. He has plenty of playoff experience and his contract is non-guaranteed after this season. That should entice some playoff hopefuls. He is not going to bring in a haul but a second-round pick or two should be enough.

2. Delon Wright

He would likely have been no. 1 on this list if it wasn’t for his injury. He has missed the last six weeks with an MCL sprain. He is supposed to return any day now but teams might be overly cautious trading for a 31-year-old player who has dealt with plenty of injuries over the last few years. They might want to wait and see Wright’s level of performance first before pulling the trigger on a trade. When healthy, Wright provides exceptional perimeter defense as one of the best defensive playmakers among guards. He can only play limited minutes on a good team due to his offensive shortcomings, but a contender could easily throw multiple second-round picks to get him. And the Wizards should do him a favor and trade him to a better situation.

1. Danilo Gallinari

What Gallinari has done over the last season is nothing short of admirable. After signing with championship contenders, the Boston Celtics, he tears his ACL, misses an entire season, gets traded to Washington, and accepts a full-time role as a backup center, a position he has only played very little in his career, all as a 35-year-old veteran. Playing full-time center with his defensive limitations was always going to be challenging, and it hasn’t really gone too well for him. His shot isn’t falling at the rate he was hoping for either, but that is probably to be expected coming off a year-long injury. He is not a difference-maker at this stage of his career, but he is on an expiring contract, and a team will take a chance on him. The Wizards should allow him to chase a ring regardless of what return they get.

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