The argument for drafting Bronny James and the argument against it

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Would the Washington Wizards actually consider drafting Bronny?

The Wizards have yet to make any potential interest in taking James in this year's draft public knowledge. However, Washington owns the rights to Phoenix's 2024 second-round pick as compensation from the deal that sent Bradley Beal to the Suns last summer, so should Bronny fall to the later stages of the second round, the team may be inclined to take a shot on James.

This summer's draft will be the second for Wizards president Michael Winger and general manager Will Dawkins, who have found success on their second-round selections thus far. At 42nd overall, the team's new front office figures selected Tristan Vukcevic, who has played very well for Washington since being bought out from his club in Serbia.

The new-look Wizards front office has made several smart, timely decisions in their short time in charge of operations in the District. If they take a flyer on Bronny this summer, it will certainly raise eyebrows, but Winger and Dawkins may have a working plan in place for the young guard.

Agreeing to terms with LeBron in free agency as a result of drafting Bronny would immediately insert the Wizards into playoff contention, but only in the short term. With LeBron set to celebrate his 40th birthday this year, he has made it clear that his retirement from the NBA is sooner than many fans would like to hear.

Although garnering playoff experience would be helpful for many of the Wizards' young players, the cast's leading members have been to the game's biggest stages before. Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma each played key roles for previous NBA title winners while Deni Avdija collected three consecutive championships in the Israeli Basketball Premier League.

While there is reason to lean towards the Wizards taking the chance on Bronny in the 2024 NBA Draft there are undoubtedly reasons to be wary of the idea. The franchise has spent nearly 40 years making patchwork, quick-fix decisions in free agency and the trade market, aiming to make the playoffs in hopes the bracket shakes their way. Why scrap the rebuild now?

As Washington enters year two of the team's long-awaited rebuild, the front office will be faced with a decision: stay true to the patient approach or swing for the fences.