3 Players the Wizards need to avoid with pick No. 2 in 2024 NBA Draft

The Washington Wizards should avoid selecting Nikola Topic, Stephon Castle, and Zaccharie Risacher in the 2024 NBA Draft.
Washington Wizards, 2024 NBA Draft, Nikola Topic, Stephon Castle, Zaccharie Risacher
Washington Wizards, 2024 NBA Draft, Nikola Topic, Stephon Castle, Zaccharie Risacher / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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2. Stephon Castle

Like Nikola Topic, it seems very unlikely that Stephon Castle will jump into the top two of this year’s draft, but ESPN’s latest mock has him going fourth. That’s enough to at least put him in the conversation.

Fresh off a national championship with the Huskies, Castle will be entering this year’s draft staking his claim as a point guard - a role he didn’t always play at UConn.

It’s a safe bet that Castle will take the role head-on in the NBA, and he has the skillset to do it successfully. But for the Washington Wizards, taking that leap may not be the smartest idea based on their current personnel.

Obviously, this isn’t referring to Jordan Poole and Tyus Jones. If the Wizards want to take a point guard in this year’s draft, those two shouldn’t stop them from doing it.

But if they are to take a guard, they should go after someone with a more well-rounded skillset. Castle is a solid playmaker and a great defender, but he’s an inconsistent shooter and has already shown some hesitation with where he wants to go.

Castle has made it clear that he only wants to play for a team without a lead ball-handler in place. Washington doesn’t have one, but if Castle is already being picky, he may not be too pleased playing for a Wizards team with no real direction.

Plus, his lack of consistent three-point shooting at the point guard spot could clash with Bilal Coulibaly and Deni Avdija, neither of whom are amazing shooters, either.

Don’t get it twisted, Castle could turn out to be the best player in this class. But if he’s not, then the Wizards risk drafting a player who’s not a great fit.