5 best trade packages the Wizards can acquire for Tyus Jones

The Wizards are looking to trade Tyus Jones before the Feb. 8 deadline.
Washington Wizards, Tyus Jones
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4. Wizards capitalize as 76ers try to keep options open

The Sixers are a team to watch as the trade deadline approaches. They moved James Harden and have a roster littered with expiring contracts. Philadelphia wants a third star to pair with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. Does Daryl Morey attempt to pull off a blockbuster before the deadline or wait until the offseason?

The 76ers cannot afford to waste a year of Embiid’s prime. They should upgrade their roster now, even if it is just adding an expiring deal. Philadelphia could use another ball-handler, and Tyus Jones becomes a free agent in the 2024 offseason. Here is a move the Sixers could explore.

Jones to 76ers

Trading a first-round pick for a few months of Tyus Jones would be a hefty price, but the Sixers could look at it as part of the cost of signing a star free agent this summer. Jones is a strong playmaker and efficient scorer. His game could pop further playing off a dominant big man like Joel Embiid.

Marcus Morris Sr. is on an expiring contract, and the Sixers would likely trade the Wizards a protected first-round pick. Washington would try to limit those, but Philadelphia figures to be in the hunt in two years if Joel Embiid remains on their roster. This could be one of the last selections of the first round, but there will still be key rotation pieces available.

If they cannot convince the 76ers to make a move for Tyus Jones, the Washington Wizards should look for a young team desperate to improve their roster.