5 best trade packages the Wizards can acquire for Tyus Jones

The Wizards are looking to trade Tyus Jones before the Feb. 8 deadline.
Washington Wizards, Tyus Jones
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2. Heat get desperate to upgrade at PG

Miami chased Damian Lillard and wants a star to pair with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. They keep searching and coming up empty. The Heat are tied for fourth in the Eastern Conference and a serious threat to get back to the NBA Finals. Their odds improve if they sure up their point guard spot before the deadline.

The Heat would love to trade Kyle Lowry’s $29.6 million expiring contract, but it would take a star to match the salary. Duncan Robinson could be on the move, despite his strong play. He makes $19-plus million per year over the next two seasons, but it won’t be cheap removing that from their books.

Jones to Heat

Would Miami give up two draft picks for Tyus Jones? They need someone to organize their offense in clutch moments and create open looks. Jones is a skilled playmaker and hard worker. His scoring efficiency is a boost for any team, but he is not the star the Heat desire.

The two sides should certainly discuss a deal. If Miami wants to shed Duncan Robinson’s contract, the Washington Wizards are the perfect trade partner. The Heat get a new starting point guard and some flexibility moving forward. Washington would love to get two draft picks, but there is one team that may offer more.