5 best trade packages the Wizards can acquire for Tyus Jones

The Wizards are looking to trade Tyus Jones before the Feb. 8 deadline.
Washington Wizards, Tyus Jones
Washington Wizards, Tyus Jones / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Tyus Jones heads to the Big Easy

The Pelicans are fifth in the Western Conference, but just one game from being in the Play-In Tournament. Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram have been healthy, but New Orleans needs reinforcements if they want to make a deep playoff run.

They do not have a true point guard. Ingram leads the team in assists with 5.4 per game. C.J. McCollum is second and plays the one in most lineups. Dyson Daniels and Jose Alvarado are backup point guards. The Pelicans have draft capital and a desire to get under the luxury tax. They could make it all happen while adding Tyus Jones in this deal.

Jones to NOP

The Pelicans are willing to pay significantly to accomplish their goals. They add a starting caliber point guard and duck paying millions of dollars with this trade. Washington wants a first-round pick, but they can convince New Orleans to part with two additional second-rounders in this deal.

The Washington Wizards will explore the market for Tyus Jones before the trade deadline and would love to add some draft capital for his expiring contract. Teams will be interested. It is all about finding the right deal. Expect Washington to be active and aggressive before Feb. 8, and stay tuned for all the latest.