Grade the Trade: Wizards need more to send Tyus Jones to contender

The Wizards should look to trade Tyus Jones, but what can they get in return?
Washington Wizards, Tyus Jones
Washington Wizards, Tyus Jones / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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Should the Wizards make this trade for Tyus Jones?

This trade should be all about value. Do the Wizards view K.J. Martin as a piece of their future? The 6’6 wing is a hyper-athlete but struggled to get minutes on the Clippers and 76ers. Washington will be rebuilding, but they will have to pay Martin in the offseason to keep him. If he is not a long-term fit, what are the Wizards getting in this deal?

Robert Covington is not part of their future. That leaves the franchise with just two second-round draft picks for their starting point guard. Both second-rounders are likely to come in this draft, which is not known for its depth. Picking 31st or latter is always a gamble, but two in a bad draft could be two busted lottery tickets quickly.

Grade: C

This should be viewed as a middle-of-the-road offer by the Washington Wizards. The franchise should not accept less but has to attempt to get more. Even a few extra second-rounders improve their odds of selecting a meaningful rotation player. The Wizards need multiple bites at the apple if they are only going to get second-round draft picks in return for Tyus Jones.

Can the Washington Wizards get more? They need to find the right trade partner and convince them that Jones helps their odds of winning it all. That won’t be easy, but stay tuned because teams usually get desperate before the deadline.