5 Kyle Kuzma trades the Wizards should consider this offseason

The Wizards should shop Kyle Kuzma this offseason.
Washington Wizards, Kyle Kuzma
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4. Hornets target Kuzma

Charlotte has brand new decision-makers in town. New owners bought the team just over one year ago. They replaced their general manager and head coach after a 21-win season. The Hornets have some pieces, but must drastically improve to get in the playoff mix.

Miles Bridges is a free agent this summer. Expect Charlotte to make an offer, but some team may top it. He was their leading scorer for the majority of the season with LaMelo Ball out, and the Hornets would need a replacement if he leaves. Look no further than Kuzma.

Kuz to Hornets

The Wizards get three draft picks and the expiring contract of Bertans. It is risky for Charlotte to give up an unprotected first-round pick. They have some young talent but have not made the playoffs since 2016. Washington may quickly jump at this offer in hopes of their first-rounder becoming a premium selection.

There was much talk about the Wizards' asking price ahead of the trade deadline. They did not find any franchises willing to give up two first-round picks, so getting two seconds and an expiring contract is likely as good as it gets. It is a hefty price for Charlotte to pay given their struggles and uncertainty in turning things around.