Washington Wizards Report Cards for the First Trimester

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Without a doubt, the Washington Wizards have been deeply disappointing all season. They managed to underwhelm through the first two months of the season despite the minimal expectations. Now that we are a third of the way into the NBA season, it’s time to take stock of how each individual player has been performing. These ratings will be based on the relative expectations for each player at the beginning of the season. Here are the first trimester grades for the 2023-24 Washington Wizards.

The bench

Corey Kispert: B-

Kispert came into his third season in the NBA with increased expectations. On a rebuilding team, he was going to have a larger role within the offense and showcase his two-way potential. That hasn’t come to fruition.

Not only did he lose his starting job this season, but he is also playing 23 minutes per game as opposed to the 28 he averaged last year. He still hasn’t earned coach Wes Unseld Jr’s trust to close games.

However, the former Gonzaga standout hasn’t been bad at all. He has increased his usage rate and is getting to the rim and the free-throw line more this season, while still hitting his three-pointers at an excellent rate. He is not at the elite level of efficiency he was at last year, but he has still been the best shooter on the team. He is a valuable offensive player for this team but overall, the fans expected more from him this season. A little more playmaking, more defensive intensity, and higher efficiency would go a long way to improve this grade.  

Bilal Coulibaly: A

Unlike Corey Kispert, Bilal Coulibaly has surpassed every expectation. Despite being seen as a raw prospect, Coulibaly has been ahead of schedule in his rookie season.

He is tasked with difficult defensive assignments every night and generally holds his own. He makes defensive plays and is already one of the better defenders on the team. His offensive game is better than anticipated, as he is hitting his open shots. His usage rate is still low, and he has a long way to go to become an impactful offensive player, but the fact that he plays 27 minutes per game and looks like he belongs with his athleticism and confidence is more than what anyone had in mind for him.