Wizards have 1 of the best NBA contracts on their books (and it's here to stay)

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With the NBA draft lottery in the books and the Washington Wizards now well into their offseason, fans around the league are tuning in to see which stars are due for a new contract and which teams are in a position to fork over some well-deserved paydays. For the Wizards, their up-and-coming star isn't going anywhere.

Last offseason, Washington's new president of basketball operations Michael Winger and general manager Will Dawkins banded together to reach an agreement with the team's 2020 lottery pick, Deni Avdija. Good for four seasons and worth $55 million, the contract is by far one of the best in the NBA and has set up the Wizards in a very nice position as they continue to navigate through their rebuilding process.

What makes Deni Avdija's contract so valuable to the Wizards?

When Avdija and the Wizards agreed upon his rookie contract extension last October, the 23-year-old Israel native was coming off a season in which he averaged 9.2 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game, starting just 40 games. The track record allowed Winger and Dawkins to offer a deal with a descending cap hit, understanding Avdija's potential while remaining team-friendly with the future cost of the 6'9" forward.

Fast forward to the present, Avdija has become a leader within the organization and the Wizards' most valuable asset. Improving his per game averages to 14.7 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.8 assists while adding a respectable three-point shot, the Wizards forward finished sixth in 2023-24 Most Improved Player voting.

During the later stages of the season under interim coach Brian Keefe, the Wizards began to play Avdija in a point-forward role, working to improve his playmaking abilities. In March, Deni averaged four assists per game, working with his coaching staff to hone the craft of drawing a double team on the drive and finding the open shooter.

As Avdija's contract continues to cost Washington less and less on the cap side of things, many within the organization anticipate the forward will continue to round out his game and transform himself into a key member of the next great Wizards team. Under the current deal, Avdija will be eligible for free agency in the summer of 2028.

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