Washington Wizards’ John Wall “Just Chillin” In Regards to Contract Extension

Washington Wizards’ point guard John Wall has been rather silent since reportedly being offered a “supermax” contract in June. Wall had spoken about pursuing Paul George, but otherwise, had remained focused on having a career summer. On Monday, he attended the Wizards’ summer league game, and discussed his looming extension.

It’s amazing how the NBA Summer League is able to attract NBA players to Las Vegas every summer, regardless of their experience or talent. While the young guys participate on the court, the vets and stars show up to support, and enjoy July in Sin City.

Bradley Beal showed up last week and spoke with CSN’s Chris Miller about the contract extension for James Harden. On Monday, John Wall was in attendance, and spoke to Ben Standig of the Locked On Wizards podcast and NBC Washington about the team’s most pressing topic: His extension.

Wall was offered a maximum 4-Year, $168 million extension near the end of June, that would extend his contract with the Wizards through the 2022-23 season. Harden’s extension, which gave him the largest contract in NBA history, was only $2 million more than Wall’s over the four years.

When news broke of the offer, Wall said he would take his time and discuss his options with his agent, family and friends. Of course, with the Wizards lacking any room to bring on a third star this summer, many fans have been worried, imagining Wall’s departure from the team in two years.

Wall, with his goofy smile, isn’t sweating the money, though, he’s just chillin.

Wall made two important comments. He stressed that he is in fact just taking his time and everyone knows where he wants to be. He’s made that pretty obvious in his time in D.C., with no real disruptions with the team or management.

Wall also mentioned the brutal honesty of the extension. It would keep him under contract in D.C. for six more seasons. In the summer of 2023, Wall will be 32-years-old. The timeline of the extension corresponds directly with most likely the best years of Wall’s career. Wall extended his timeframe further, saying “Knowing where I want to be for another 8-10 years, basically my whole career.”

He also spoke with Miller about wanting to work out the little details.

Being a fan of sports means you always live in the moment. It’s hard to imagine what can happen two years ahead, let alone six. Things change too often. Superstars get old and/or retire. Stars change teams. Young players turn to stars.

In fact, things change so quickly, that Wall is the only player drafted in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft to still be on the team that drafted him. He of course lobbied for Paul George to come to Washington, but management couldn’t make a deal work. Wall may want to make sure, that while not all are possible, each opportunity to improve the team, no matter how bold, is investigated.

Wall didn’t get his first wish of the summer, to bring George to Washington, and we’ll have to wait to see if that affects his decision to sign the extension. Still, considering the amount of money on the table, and Wall coming off an All-NBA season that allowed for the extension, it’s hard to envision him turning down the offer. He wants to be paid like one of the best players in the league. This extension does just that.

Wall also wants to increase the reach of his brand, and after the best season of his career, it appears he’s moving in the right direction. For those curious about an update on a possible new shoe deal, Chris Miller has an update.


It seems like it’s just a matter of time before Wall signs the extension, and he is being patient, and using his leverage as the leader of the team to stress upon management his desires in terms of roster construction.

Based on how it seems Wall’s summer is going physically, I’m all for him “just chillin” for the time being.