Washington Wizards: Bradley Beal’s NBA 2K20 rating is out and it is disrespectful

Washington Wizards Bradley Beal (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Washington Wizards Bradley Beal (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

As we get closer and closer to the NBA 2K20 release, the player ratings keep coming out. Unfortunately, Bradley Beal’s rating is far from where it should be.

On July 15th, we got our first look at the new player ratings for NBA 2K20. They started out by only releasing the ratings for the top 20 players, though, and the Washington Wizards were noticeably absent from that early list.

In the weeks since, other notable hoopers have been seeing their ratings released and debated. Finally, we get a look at our first Washington Wizards player rating, and there should be a ton of arguing over this one…

An 87? For Bradley Beal?! Nah. I am going to have to disagree with this one, 2K. This is just disrespectful.

Beal is coming off a career year in which he posted the first 25-point, five-rebound, and five-assist season in franchise history. He made the all-star team. He barely missed an All-NBA team. Quite frankly, he’s better than an 87.

2K might even agree that Beal is worthy of a higher rating…if this were 2018. Beal was given a rating of 88 in last year’s game! I don’t think anyone would argue that Beal has actually gotten worse since then.

In fact, over the past two seasons, Beal has helped raise his own profile while being on one of the NBA’s less impressive. But even as he cements himself as a stud and his game improves, his 2K rating doesn’t. Beal’s 87 rating for 2K20 is the same as the rating he had for NBA 2K18.

Things just aren’t adding up.

At 87, Beal is rated just two points better than Trae Young and Jayson Tatum. He’s only one point above De’aaron Fox. These guys are all great, up-and-coming stars. However, they aren’t on Beal’s level yet even if everyone’s 2K rating might suggest otherwise.

Donovan Mitchell, Jimmy Butler, and Kemba Walker all received 88’s from the 2K raters. The 89 range is where Beal should be placed. There, he’d join the likes of Klay Thompson and Karl-Anthony Towns. Of those five players, only Walker received more All-NBA votes last season.

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Maybe he doesn’t care about his rating, or perhaps he uses it as motivation. Either way,  somebody owes Bradley Beal an apology. It’s not as bad as the All-NBA snub from a few months ago, but it’s time Beal starts getting the respect he deserves.